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FIRE HQ provides a central resource for news and articles related to financial independence in Ireland. We operate the FireHQ Facebook Page and run online events about Financial Independence from Ireland within a European context.

Our Live Event Has Ended

On the Saturday the 6th of March we hosted a 4 hour live event online. We had 5 speakers throughout the evening and the event provided content on how one can go about reaching financial indepdence in an Irish & European context.

You can still access the recordings and gain instant access. Tickets are available for €25.00 per person.

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Our Speakers

Our guests and topics include:

Dave G - Firedave.com

Dave G - Firedave.com

Topic: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right

Dave G is back again and is recognised in the FIRE community for his special interest in Mindset and the Psychology of how to get things done whilst understanding why we do what we do. As you can see from the Henry Ford topic quote; Dave emphasises how much attitude determines our success or failure. Dave is passionate about coaching and mentoring people over at www.firedave.com where he blogs, interviews and offers money saving and investing resources to help people everywhere. Dave has spoken on Financial Stress and Mindset on various podcasts, events and local meetups where he regularly volunteers.

In this seminar Dave will outline what the ‘FIRE Movement’ is and why property is his path of choice to freedom. Dave will go over the 4 pillars of life: Wealth, Health, Relationships, Fulfilment and explain why he is passionate about all 4 areas of life. Finally Dave is super excited to see you all on the 6th March!

Neil and Sarah - 2GoRoam

Neil and Sarah - 2GoRoam

Topic: Gone in 60 Seconds! From Normal to Minimalist Travellers in a blink of an eye

Neil and Sarah (aka www.2GoRoam.com) are just your average suburban couple, or are they? Two FIREE’s hiding in plain sight, following a plan of reaching FI until a serious accident accelerated the plan and encouraged them to FIRE early, sell everything they own to slow travel the world.

They are excited to build a YouTube channel with a difference, where through personal challenges they aim to inspire others to follow their own dream and to realise that dreams don’t have to cost the earth to pursue.

In this presentation they will talk about why they FIRE’D early, the emotion around selling everything and what they plan to do for at least the next 10 years of their lives.

Aoife Gaffney - Prudence Moneypenny Coaching

Aoife Gaffney - Prudence Moneypenny Coaching

Topic: Learn to love the lever

Prudence Moneypenny Coaching is a coaching business designed by women for women to feel empowered and financially free. Aoife Gaffney, was the first Certified Money Coach in Ireland. She is also a Qualified Financial Adviser, Member of the Institute of Banking and Professional Speaking Association.

She is a 3 time international best-selling author. She writes about her 2 favourite subjects, herself and money. With over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector as an educator and a former adviser she has 2 addictions, really good coffee and even better broadband.

Her superpower is making life easier and has no intention of ever retiring. Aoife can show you practical, fun, easy and relatively effortless ways to do a lot more with a lot less. Aoife will present on how to keep yourself on track to reducing debt with a budget, saving more and building wealth through investment means such as P2P.

In this workshop, she will offer tools as to how you can identify unconscious beliefs that are possibly holding you back from having what you want, a brief introduction to the benefits of peer to peer lending and how to love the lever.

Alvar Damen - Financial Independence Europe Podcast

Alvar Damen - Financial Independence Europe Podcast

Topic: The Limitations of Financial Independence

Alvar is from the Netherlands, 28 years young, and living in Edinburgh (Scotland). By day, he is working in IT but by night he dives into his passion for IT freelance work, podcasting, and personal finance. He has been one of the FI Europe Podcast hosts for the last 2 years with 275K downloads, the organizer of the FI Edinburgh Meetup, and the FI Europe Retreat.

Alvar is interested in ETF investing, dividend growth investing, frugal living, travel hacking, smart budgeting, entrepreneurship, and side hustles. His presentation will be titled "The Limitations Of Financial Independence”

Vince Doherty - IgniteMyFire.ie

Vince Doherty - IgniteMyFire.ie

Topic: Lower your tax liability through tax efficient investing

Vince is originally from Ireland, he started his path to financial independence (FI) after his 50th birthday when he found that he didn't have any savings or pensions. He focuses on tracking his expenses, pension growth, and investing in order to get to financial freedom.

He writes about his findings in his blog, www.ignitemyfire.ie Vince also started a meetup group called 'Financial Independence Ireland' that is now 800 strong and holds meetups once per month.

Vince is going to share his knowledge on tax efficient investment in Ireland. As taxes are our largest liability focusing on legally decreasing them can be extremely beneficial.

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